Allergic To Soy? What Are Your Best Natural Pain Relief Options?

While health food trends can come and go – from kale to chia seeds to kombucha -- the proliferation of soy as an inexpensive source of low-fat protein and vitamins seems to have some staying power. Unfortunately, for those who have soy allergies, finding food, medicine, or even skin care free from soy protein can be a challenge. If you find yourself avoiding most over-the-counter pain relievers because of the havoc they wreak on your gut or immune system due to the use of soy as a binding or absorption agent, you may be anxious for any other ways to relieve your discomfort. Read on to learn more about your natural – and soy-free – pain relief options. 

Celiac-friendly painkillers

Even if you have no problems with gluten consumption, seeking out pain relievers advertised as "celiac friendly" or "gluten-free" can often provide you with a soy-free option as well. Because those with gluten sensitivities or allergies are often battling other common allergies as well (from eggs to soy to tree nuts), medications designed for this population are often engineered to be as free from allergens as possible. 

While it's still important to read the label or visit the manufacturer's website to ensure you're aware of all active (and inactive) ingredients before consuming this medication, focusing on those marketed toward individuals with Celiac disease or other immune sensitivities should give you a much better start toward soy-free pain relief than browsing the "regular" medicine aisle at your local drugstore.


For the more chronic type of pain that can't easily be relieved by popping a gel cap or two, seeking acupuncture on a regular or semi-regular basis may be able to provide you with unmatched relief. Although this treatment has been around far longer than analgesic pain relievers, it's still unclear exactly how (or why) acupuncture works – but for many who battle chronic arthritis, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, and other ailments, acupuncture can be one of the primary tools in the pain management toolbox. 

Depending upon the type, severity, and frequency of the pain you're experiencing, you may find that a single intermittent session provides relief. Others may prefer to set up regular appointments with their acupuncturist to ensure that pain remains below a baseline threshold. And by combining these treatments with your celiac-friendly or gluten-free tablets, you may be able to achieve total relief for the first time in years or even decades. Check out companies like God's Nutrition to learn more.