Top Features To Look For In Quality Shilajit Supplement

Hidden in the rocks of the Himalayas is a substance that takes many years to develop but is quickly becoming known as one of the most beneficial medical supplements you can find. Shilajit is a black, sticky substance that can range in color from golden brown to dark black, and this material has the ability to help with a whole list of different human health issues, from aging to heart disease. 

While shilajit is valuable, it is also very hard to find in its true form because it is not a substance that is readily available or easy to harvest. Because shilajit is so valuable as a supplement and so hard to find, there are unfortunately numerous knock-off versions on the market that are low in quality. Here is a look at a few things you can do to test the purity of any shilajit you buy to use as a supplement. 

Make sure the shilajit is fully soluble. 

Shilajit is often sold in a small container in its natural state, which is a pliable substance that looks a lot like tar or gum. If you pick up a container of shilajit and you are not sure if it is authentic, pluck off a small pea-sized amount of the supplement and drop it in a glass of warm water. If it is real shilajit, the material will fully dissolve into the water and turn the water a shade of brown. If it is not good quality shilajit, the material will not dissolve easily and you may even see it break up into bits and float around in the water. 

Make sure the shilajit does not ignite when exposed to a flame. 

Pull off a small bit of shilajit, and use a lighter or match to try and ignite the substance on fire. Real shilajit will bubble when exposed to a flame, and it may even smoke or sizzle a little. However, shilajit should not ignite or burn at all. One of the primary filler ingredients in low-quality shilajit is coal, and coal will most definitely ignite. 

Make sure the shilajit reacts to temperature changes. 

Shilajit will become softer and stickier when it is exposed to heat, but harder and more brittle when exposed to the cold. Therefore, good shilajit should become soft and pliable when you hold it in your hands for a long time. You can even place the substance in the refrigerator and see it get pretty hard and brittle when exposed to the cold. 

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