Three Reasons To Use Herbs For Various Health Complaints

If you're dealing with any number of health complaints, from trouble sleeping to digestive issues to aches and pains, your first instinct might be to visit your primary care doctor. There's no doubt that traditional medicine can help you with such issues, but an alternative idea to consider is to pay a visit to a local herbalist. You might not know much about the world of herbs, but you'll soon be excited to learn how much these natural health products can do for you. A herbalist can assess your conditions and while he or she isn't a doctor, this practitioner can give you some recommendations of herbs to take. Here are three reasons to give herbal remedies a try.

There Are No Side Effects

Traditional Western medicine can help you in a lot of ways, but certain pharmaceutical products carry side effects that may worry you. For example, certain types of pain medication can be problematic for your liver, especially if you take them with considerable frequency. You'll generally find that herbs don't carry the same concerning side effects. Natural health products tend to be favorable in this area, meaning that you can take them as much as you need without worrying about how they might affect your health in the future.

You Can Get Them Inexpensively

While there are many different natural health retailers that sell herbs in various forms, you sometimes have the option of gathering and preparing your own herbs if your budget is tight. For example, if your herbalist recommends the consumption of lavender tea as a way to help you to sleep more soundly, one option is to find a friend who grows lavender in his or her garden. You could ask to pick a few stalks of this herb, dry it in a herb dehydrator, and then make your own tea with no real expense.

You Won't Become Dependent

There are lots of concerns in today's society about the addictive nature of pharmaceutical products. Even if you take a certain type of prescription medication according to the dosage instructions, you may begin to notice some degree of dependency and have trouble curbing your intake of the drug. Another big advantage of herbal remedies is that they won't lead to dependency issues. This means that you can take a herb as long as you need it, and then stop with ease when you no longer require it.

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