Are You Using Topical CBD Or THC Products For Pain Relief? 3 Tips For Using Topicals Correctly

Topical cannabis products are gaining in popularity as more people begin to seek out alternatives for pain relief that can either enhance or replace their current medications. While using cannabis-infused lotions and creams is as easy as smoothing them on your skin, there are a few things that you can do once you get home from a dispensary near Baltimore to achieve the best possible effects. Be sure to try out these three tips for topical applications to make sure that you apply it correctly for pain relief.

1. Choose the Right Product

When you search for dispensaries near me, be sure to check out whether or not they have the products that you need to ease your pain. Once you arrive, let a staff member know what you are looking for and how you plan to use the topical. For instance, you may think you need a lotion when a bath oil may provide an easier way to treat larger areas of pain. Be willing to experiment a bit. As with many cannabis products, there is often a learning curve to figuring out what works best for your body.

2. Start With Clean Skin

Topical cannabis products need to be able to penetrate through your skin to generate effects. Always start by washing and drying the area of your body where you plan to apply the treatment. While you don't have to scrub away layers of skin, you may also consider doing some slight exfoliation such as by gently rubbing with a washcloth to remove any dead or hardened skin that might block the lotion or ointment from penetrating the surface. Then, make sure that your hands are also clean and dry so that your skin's natural oils do not interfere with absorption as you rub the topical in.

3. Perfect Your Application Method

With topicals, you do not want to be skimpy. Instead, apply a generous amount of the product to the areas where you feel pain. Then, use a firm but gentle amount of pressure to massage it into the skin until the product is fully absorbed. Depending upon the topical that you are using, you may need to reapply it again before you begin to notice the effects. In your early days, be sure to write down what works best so that you can recreate it. For instance, some people find that bathing before they use topical ointments increases the effects while others prefer to exfoliate.

Topical products are a wonderful way to treat pain naturally. Now that you know how to use them correctly, you can enjoy experimenting with different strengths and types until you find your sweet spot for pain relief.