Tips To Manage Excessive Underarm Odor

No one enjoys feeling sweaty and stinky throughout the day, especially if they aren't engaged in an athletic activity at the time. Unfortunately, for many, excessive sweat or odor can make it uncomfortable to even lift one's arms in public. The following guide can provide a few tips that can help you battle the odor and win.

Change your diet

Your dietary choices can have a major affect on your body's perspiration. Consuming alcohol or spicy dishes can quickly lead to excessive sweat. While spicy dishes may cause sweat but not odor, that is not the case with alcohol or strong-smelling foods, such as anything in the allium family. Alcohol tends to cause a sweetly sour odor, especially if one has been enjoying alcohol in excess. Alliums like garlic and onions can actually cause sweat to smell just like the food. While garlic may be appetizing on your pasta, it isn't a pleasant scent when it emanates from your armpits. You may not need to cut out these foods, but enjoying them in moderation may be necessary.

Try a new deodorant

A new deodorant may be all you need to smell less. For many, standard antiperspirants or deodorants just aren't strong enough. Yet, the "prescription strength" varieties may cause irritation or simply just mask the odor with an over-bearing perfume. A prebiotic deodorant may be a better choice. Smelly sweat that isn't caused by food choices is often caused by the reactions of bacteria in your armpits. A prebiotic deodorant contains healthy bacteria that destroy the stinky culprits while also performing the normal work of deodorant. Opt for an unscented variety if you want to make sure it is working or if you don't like the strong smell of many other deodorants.

Reduce the toxins you consume

Some things are simply a toxin in the body. Caffeine, for example, is fine and possible has health benefits in small quantities, but when consumed in excess it can raise body temperature and blood pressure. Both can lead to excessive sweating. Smoking has a similar effect but without any of the benefits one can sometimes experience from caffeine. Salty or processed foods can have the same effect. Generally, anything you consume that raises body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, or all three will also increase perspiration.

For many, a few lifestyle changes are enough to get excessive perspiration or body odor under control, especially if combined with a prebiotic deodorant.