How To Become A Starfish (Or Rather, How To Heal Like One!)

Starfish are amazing creatures. Even if they lose every last leg on their bodies, they will regrow every last leg in a matter of a few weeks to a couple of months. They have adapted and adopted this method of losing their legs and regrowing them so that they can tear away from predators and still have new legs after they heal. Scientists have been studying starfish and other creatures that have this amazing regeneration ability to see if it could help humans. Good news--you can now be a starfish too, or at least heal like one. Check out the following. 


Prolotherapy is a new approach to old problems. Aching and stiff joints, torn tendons and muscle fibers, and damaged ligaments all prevent people from moving and moving freely. With prolotherapy, virtually all of these problems vanish. That is because the solution injected into areas of your body that need bone and tissue regeneration regenerate faster and with better results than just healing alone. It is as though researchers found the breakthrough they needed to create a regenerative injection to aid thousands of people with these very same medical problems. 

The Rate at Which Tissue Regenerates

You are human, after all, and not really a starfish. However, when you choose this type of medicine and therapy, you will find that the bone and tissue that regenerates does so faster than if you had let your body heal without regenerating completely new strands of tendon or ligament and muscle fiber. Some people with torn menisci in their knees regrow these ligaments within a few months of starting prolotherapy, whereas a similar group of people who are just provided surgery and sent home never really fully heal and often suffer from the remaining pain. 

Where You Can Go to Try This Form of Therapy

Some doctors may have the injections, but the place you really should try this is at natural health care clinics and in natural health product stores. Doctors can directly inject the solution, but health food and natural health care clinics will have other means of taking this medicine into your body. It may be limited to just East and West Coast clinics, too, considering that it is such a new therapeutic approach. Ergo, you may have to do some searching and digging to find a doctor, a clinic, and/or a natural health store that offers the prolotherapy solution near you. 

For more information, reach out to a clinic such as Natural Terrain Natropathic Clinic.