All About Velvet Bean: A Popular Energy Supplement

If you are someone who follows the world of supplements, and energy supplements in particular, then you have probably started to see increased mention of a supplement called velvet bean. It really sticks out because of its odd name, but that name does not tell you much about what it is or how it works. Thankfully, this article will do just that — so read on!

What is velvet bean?

Velvet bean is, like the beans you might grow in your garden, a legume. All this really means is that the plant fixes nitrogen in the soil and is quite hardy compared to many other plants. The official name for the velvet bean plant is Mucana pruriens. It has been grown in the tropics for many years and is sometimes known as Bengal bean or sea bean. The part of the plant used to make the supplement is the beans themselves; they are purple with a soft, velvet-like texture. 

What is the history of the use of velvet bean?

Humans have actually been using velvet beans for medicinal purposes for years. In Chinese medicine, they've been used to control blood pressure, and in Indian medicine, they've been used to increase sexual desire and to calm disorders of the nervous system. Most of the bean's effects are related to the fact that they contain L-DOPA, which acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain.

How can velvet beans increase energy levels?

Today, the predominant use for velvet beans is to increase energy levels, especially in males. They do this by interacting with the cells that produce testosterone. By increasing testosterone levels, they can make older males, especially, feel younger and more energetic again. Velvet beans are also known to help keep blood sugar levels stable, which makes them useful for people with diabetes. They help prevent the low-energy feeling people get after their blood sugar spikes and drops.

There are some people who claim velvet beans have additional benefits, such as lowering cholesterol, but this is not as well-established.

How do you take velvet bean supplements?

Make sure you buy the beans in a capsule, supplement form, not as whole beans. The whole beans can cause your fingers to be itchy if you touch them directly. Take the supplement according to the instructions on the package. You'll likely be advised to take one to two capsules twice per day. 

Velvet bean supplements are a great choice for men seeking to improve their testosterone levels and energy levels. Reach out to your doctor if you have any questions or concerns before you begin taking these supplements.

To learn more, contact a supplier who carries velvet bean–based energy supplements.