How To Use Acid Rock Hemp Flower

Cannabidiol can be used to soothe many mental and physical ailments. If you have trouble sleeping at night, CBD can soothe you and help you rest. CBD is also effective as a pain reliever. Hemp flower is naturally high in CBD. Hemp buds are harvested at the ideal time for maximum CBD content. You can find different strains of hemp that are specifically bred to treat various ailments. Acid Rock hemp flower is one such hemp strain.

Acid Rock CBD hemp flower has a citrus scent and taste. It contains a high percentage of CBD and can be used in the morning, at night, or throughout the day. Here are four ways you can use Acid Rock hemp flower:

1. Use a vaporizer.

Acid Rock hemp flower can be vaporized. Vaporizing hemp buds allows you to extract the beneficial CBD without combustion. You'll be able to inhale water vapor containing CBD without inhaling additional tar and carcinogens. Vaporizers heat up quickly, and they're small enough to tuck into your pocket for on-the-go use.

2. Create hemp butter or oil.

Some people prefer to ingest CBD orally. Oral CBD supplements can take longer to take effect, but some patients believe oral use provides longer-lasting relief. Instead of buying a commercial edible, you can make your own hemp butter or oil that is high in CBD. To create hemp butter or oil, grind your hemp flower. Place the fat of your choice in the top of a double boiler. Vegetable oil and butter works equally well. Add your ground hemp flower to the fat and heat it gently, allowing it to simmer for at least an hour. Strain it well and allow it to cool. This gentle cooking method infuses the fat of your choice with CBD.

3. Brew your own tincture.

You can also create your own tincture if you prefer a fat-free oral supplement. To make a CBD tincture, obtain a high proof alcohol. Grind your Acid Rock hemp flower and submerge it in alcohol. Allow it to steep for several days. Once your alcohol has been suitably infused, you may strain it using a cheesecloth. Hemp tinctures are most effective when taken sublingually.

4. Smoke fresh hemp flower.

Some people prefer to smoke their Acid Rock hemp flower for easy relief. You can roll a cigarette with ground hemp buds or pack your buds into a pipe. Acid Rock hemp flower is flavorful when smoked. It produces a relaxation that you will feel throughout your brain and body.