New To CBD? Tips For Buying And Using CBD Gummies

There are many ways to use CBD, but new users often choose to try gummies first. Gummies taste good, are easy to eat and use, and can be discreet since nobody will know you're not just eating candy unless you tell them. And yet, in spite of this ease of use, you could probably benefit from a few tips as you endeavor to start buying and using CBD gummies.

Look for a product that comes with a certificate of analysis.

A certificate of analysis is issued by a lab. It is confirmation that the CBD gummies you're about to buy actually do contain the amount of CBD that the label claims they contain. As the CBD industry is new and regulations are continually evolving, it is a good idea to buy a product with this independent certification. 

Opt for a full-spectrum product, if possible.

If you see gummies labeled "full-spectrum," definitely opt for those over other CBD gummy products. Full-spectrum CBD products do not just contain CBD. They also contain other compounds that were found in the hemp used to make the product. Some of these other compounds have additional benefits and can increase the effectiveness of the CBD.

Buy a lower-dose gummy product.

Rather than buying 20-mg gummies, look for lower-dose 5- or 10-mg gummies. This way, you can experiment with taking one, and if that's not effective enough, start taking two at a time. If you only buy the higher-dose gummies, you will be stuck dosing in larger increments and may end up taking more than you really need.

Keep your gummies cool.

Store them in the fridge if you live in a warm climate. They do tend to melt, and then they clump together and get a little hard to separate and use appropriately.

Give the gummy time to work before taking more.

Once you take the CBD gummy, it will take about 20-30 minutes for your body to digest and absorb the CBD it contains. So take a CBD gummy, and then give it about 30 minutes to kick in before you determine whether you need to take more or not. 

With the tips above, you are bound to buy a better CBD gummy product and use it more effectively. Visit a local dispensary or health food store to see what CBD products are available and to learn more about them. 

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