3 Benefits Of Green Indo Kratom

With many strains and variations of strains on the kratom market, it can be difficult to decide which option to choose. Green Indo is a good option because it has a combination of several benefits when compared with other strains.

Pain Reduction

One of the major reasons people use kratom is because of its benefit of reducing pain. Most red strains are associated with stronger pain reduction benefits, so green can be a better fit for people with minor to moderate pain or those who only need kratom for occasional pain-reduction needs. People who deal with more severe or chronic pain may find green Indo is a better option when they need several benefits at one time since this strain is balanced between red and white strains. Since green Indo has milder pain-reduction benefits than red strains, it may also be better during the day when stronger pain-reduction benefits might make you sleepy.


Green Indo is also associated with increased energy. Generally, green strains are associated with less energy increase than white strains, which can be beneficial for people who only need minor improvements in their energy, or those that find stronger energy-increasing benefits also trigger anxiety and panic attacks. Green Indo also has some relaxing properties, but not as much as most reds and some yellow strains. Many people who take kratom for the energy-increasing benefits prefer kratom to caffeine because it does not make them jittery and is not associated with a sudden crash when the effects wear-off, unlike caffeine. Due to this benefit, people who are caffeine-sensitive may find green Indo works well without the side-effects of caffeine, including increased urination.

Mood Improvement

Mood improvement is another benefit associated with this strain. People who struggle with mild to moderate depression may find this kratom offers a temporary elevation of their mood and the effects are sustained and gradually wear off. When depression makes you sluggish and unproductive, kratom may help you become more motivated to accomplish tasks. The mood improvement benefits may also be useful for people who struggle with social anxiety. Green Indo can make you less apprehensive about entering social situations and make you more comfortable socializing with others. Some people also experience a euphoric feeling that also makes them more social and have a better mood.

Since the number of kratom strains can be overwhelming, finding a strain that has several benefits might be the best place to start. Green Indo is one of the better strains for people who are new to kratom and need a combination of benefits. Contact a green Indo powder supplier for more information.