Choosing A More Effective CBD Cream

CBD cream can be really helpful if you're dealing with joint pain, muscle pain, or just general soreness. But what if you're not quite getting the relief you desire when you rub the CBD cream on to your sore areas? Maybe your pain subsides somewhat, but it still remains at the core. In addition to simply using a little more CBD cream, you may want to try looking for a more effective CBD product. Here are a few types of CBD creams that may give you better pain relief.

Full-Spectrum CBD Cream

Look closely at the label on your CBD cream. Does it say "pure CBD" somewhere? If so, you may want to try looking for a cream that is labeled "full-spectrum" instead. Full-spectrum products contain CBD, but they also contain other cannabinoids, including CBG and CBN. These other cannabinoids have similar effects to CBD. They alleviate pain and inflammation. When used in combination with CBD, they may enhance its effects. If you get a little relief from using pure CBD cream, you should get a lot of relief from a full-spectrum CBD product.

Stronger, 1000 mg CBD Cream

The other option is to look for a stronger CBD cream. If you are currently using a 500 mg CBD cream, look for a 1,000 mg CBD cream instead. With these more concentrated creams, you can use the same amount of product, but that product will deliver more CBD. In other words, you can keep applying a dime-sized amount of cream to your sore areas, but you'll be delivering more CBD in that same, dime-sized amount of cream. You may also want to look for CBD cream that comes in a pump container, rather than a tub. This allows you to more precisely dispense the amount you need.

CBD Cream With Emu Oil

Also consider the carrier oils used in the CBD cream. If possible, look for one made with emu oil. This oil is really high in fatty acids that your skin absorbs readily. As your skin absorbs these fatty acids, it will absorb more of the CBD along with them. Emu oil is also really moisturizing, so the skin where you apply it will get nice and soft over time!

If your CBD cream is not doing what you want it to do, then you may need to look for a different CBD cream. There are many options on the market, so give a new one a try. Visit a shop like Hair Serenity to look for one.