Your First Acupuncture Session: Tips For A Great One

Some people leave their first acupuncture session feeling absolutely amazed at the benefits. Others leave the appointment with a general attitude of "meh." How can you make sure your first acupuncture session is a great one? Actually, there are a few things you can do.

Do something relaxing beforehand.

If you arrive to your acupuncture session feeling relaxed and at-ease, your acupuncturist will be better able to re-direct your energy with the needles. The needles will also go into your relaxed muscles more easily, so they can be positioned more precisely. So, if there is an activity that makes you feel relaxed, do it before your acupuncture session. Meditate for a few minutes, do some yoga, sip your favorite beverage, or just walk in the park.

Eat a light snack.

You probably don't want to arrive at your acupuncture appointment feeling stuffed, but you don't want to be hungry, either. Hunger can distract you from the relaxation and relief you should be feeling during the treatment. So, plan on eating something light prior to your session. Yogurt and a banana can be nice. A handful of almonds and an apple are another good choice.

Ask any questions you have.

Acupuncture can seem a bit strange when you've never had a session before. But you should not feel embarrassed or ashamed by any questions you have. Ask them! The acupuncturist is typically happy to answer, and the answers can make you feel more comfortable with what happens during your session. There's no better source of information about acupuncture than a licensed acupuncturist. Knowing and understanding what's happening can make you feel a lot more comfortable during your session.

Be honest and thorough in describing your problems.

Acupuncturists tend to be pretty intuitive people, but they are not mind readers! You should be thorough and honest when telling your acupuncturist what has been bothering you. Tell them not just about physical health problems, but also about any emotional and mental health struggles you've been experiencing. This information will help your acupuncturist determine where to place the needles. Overall, this should make your treatment more effective for your specific health needs. For instance, if you forget to tell your acupuncturist you have headaches, they may not know to put needles along your cranial chakra.

With the tips above, you can have a wonderful first session with an acupuncturist. You'll walk out feeling loose, relaxed, and at-ease.