The Basics About Tropical Hemp Flower

As hemp flower has become more popular, growers have begun experimenting with different strains. Each strain has its own properties, thanks to its unique balance of CBD, other cannabinoids, and various terpenes. So, as you come across various strains, it can be helpful to learn the basics about them so you can gain a better understanding of which ones are best to use in various situations. Here are the basics you should know about tropical hemp flower.

The Appearance

Those who have been in the hemp industry or who have been using hemp for a while often learn to recognize certain strains based on appearance. Tropical can easily be one of those strains. The flowers are large with a loose structure and a distinct, conical shape. They tend to have lots of resin accumulated on their surfaces, which can take on a white color. There are also distinct orange hairs that emerge from the flower here and there.

The Flavor

This is what tropical hemp flower is named for. As you can probably imagine, the flavor will remind you of that of a tropical fruit. You may notice hints of mango, pineapple, and citrus. The flavor is not exactly sweet, but it does have hints of sweetness. This would be a good strain for someone who doesn't particularly enjoy most hemp smoke as it is milder and softer than many other strains. The flavor mostly comes from the hemp's key terpenes, which are myrcene and farnesene.

The Sensations

Tropical hemp flower tends to have medium CBD levels, which means you should notice its effects after just a few hits. It's a hybrid strain, which means it has both the energizing qualities of a sativa and the relaxing effects of an indica. How this tends to play out is as follows: you feel mentally alert, but anxiety fades, allowing you to focus and maintain a good mood. Tropical hemp flower is usually used for its mental effects, but you could use it for minor pain and aches, too. It's just not a top choice for serious inflammatory conditions like arthritis and rheumatism. 

Now that you know a little more about tropical hemp flower, you can pick up a gram or two next time you see it in the store. If you're looking for a strain with a mild, approachable flavor, nice effects, and an aesthetic appearance, this could be the perfect option.