4 Tips For Using A CBG-Enhanced CBD Freeze Roll-On

CBD is widely used for pain relief for everything from chronic backaches to post-workout soreness. Topical CBD products treat the source of pain directly, without needing to pass through the digestive tract first. People who desire an effective, mess-free topical treatment can take advantage of CBG-enhanced CBD freeze roll-on products that are packaged in easy-to-use rollerball containers. Here are four tips for using a CBG-enhanced CBD freeze roll-on:

1. Ensure that your CBD roll-on product has adequate levels of CBD.

Hemp products are formulated with varying degrees of CBD. In general, products that contain higher levels of cannabinoids are more expensive than those that contain lesser concentrations. Since CBD is the active ingredient in freeze roll-on products, it's important that you choose a product with enough CBD to effectively treat your pain. 5000-mg CBD freeze roll on-products contain 5,000 mg per bottle, which makes them an effective anti-inflammatory treatment as well as an analgesic. 

2. Choose the level of cooling you prefer.

The cooling effects of CBD freeze products come not from the CBD itself but rather from other ingredients, which produce a cooling sensation upon contact with the skin. When purchasing topical CBD, you'll have the option of choosing the level of cooling that you prefer. Some people prefer products formulated with high concentrations of menthol to provide a strong freezing sensation. Other people may find this sensation too aggressive and may prefer lower concentrations instead. When in doubt, you can purchase sample sizes of roll-on products that interest you to try at your convenience.

3. Reapply your CBD freeze roll-on regularly for best results.

The effects of CBD freeze roll-on will begin immediately with a cool, numbing sensation that will ease your pain on contact. You should continue to feel pain relief for some time as the CBD and CBG contained in the product penetrate your skin and offer anti-inflammatory benefits. When you notice the effects of your CBD freeze roll-on waning, you can reapply it to experience its benefits once more. Using your freeze roll-on products regularly may help you manage your pain more effectively over time.

4. Refrigerate your freeze roll-on for extra cooling power.

Finally, you can store your CBD freeze roll-on in the freezer refrigerator for extra pain relief. Chilling your topical CBD product before applying it to your skin will enhance its cooling power, enabling you to get even more relief. As an added bonus, CBD products that are stored in the refrigerator may retain their potency for longer. 

For more information or to buy a 5000mg CBD enhanced CBG freeze roll-on, contact a local seller.