3 Tips For Your First Acupuncture Treatment

With more than three million people getting acupuncture each year, it's fair to say that acupuncture has achieved mainstream popularity. Often used in conjunction with other forms of medical treatment, acupuncture can help with issues like chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and even menstrual cramps. When you decide to get an acupuncture treatment for the first time, you may be unsure what to expect. These three tips for your first acupuncture session will help:

Check on Your Health Insurance

Before scheduling your first acupuncture appointment, double-check your health insurance policy to see if acupuncture is covered. If it is, you should look for an in-network acupuncturist if you'd like to use your insurance instead of paying out-of-pocket.

If your insurance does not cover acupuncture, but you happen to have a health saving account through your job, you can likely use your HSA card to pay for your acupuncture session. Many HSA plans cover alternative medicine treatments, including acupuncture, as well as other services like a therapeutic massage. In addition, some acupuncture offices offer a sliding scale payment system to make acupuncture more affordable.

You Don't Need to Worry About Pain

Some people avoid acupuncture because they know that needles are involved. The needles used for acupuncture, however, are extremely small, fine, and delicate. They are gently placed into your skin at pressure points on your body, which stimulates the release of feel-good brain chemicals that promote healing.

Because the needles used in acupuncture treatments are so small, most people barely feel them. You should definitely not experience any pain during your acupuncture appointment, and if you do, you should let the acupuncturist know immediately so that they can adjust as needed.

Show Up Prepared for Your First Appointment

Because your acupuncturist will need to access your arms, legs, and possibly other areas of your body to place the needles, it's important to arrive wearing comfortable and loose-fitting clothing. You should also do what you can to be in a relaxed state of mind before your appointment. You may want to do some stretches and some deep breathing to get into a relaxed, healing mindset for your acupuncture treatment.

If you still aren't sure if acupuncture is for you, it's fine to start with a consultation. You will get to ask all of your questions, and then if you decide to proceed, you can likely have an acupuncture session at the same appointment.