The Key Benefits Of Lymphatic Drainage Massage Post-Surgery

After surgery, you generally spend more time resting in bed and sitting around. This is what you need in order to recover, but it can still be hard on your body in some ways. For example, when you are not moving around, fluid tends to accumulate in your tissues. When this occurs more than a little, you end up with a condition called lymphedema. A doctor will often recommend going for a lymphatic drainage massage in order to encourage that fluid back into your blood vessels. So, what are the more specific benefits of undergoing a lymphatic drainage massage post-surgery? Take a look.

It reduces feelings of "fullness."

Do you feel like your ankles, wrists, and other joints are just puffy and full of fluid? This can make it hard to bend these joints. This feeling of fullness may keep you from moving around as much as you should, which of course just allows your lymphedema to get worse. You end up in a cycle where you're not moving because your joints feel puffy and stiff, and yet your joints feel puffy because you're not moving. A lymphatic massage can really help with this. It will encourage the fluid back into circulation so your joints feel a little looser. You can then start moving around on your own, which will further encourage your tissues to drain.

It's better for your heart.

Having to pump blood out into your body is harder on your heart when you have lymphedema. For one thing, there is more resistance in the blood vessels when they are being pressed on by fluid-filled cells. Also, your blood volume tends to be lower since so much of the plasma is caught in your tissues as lymph. As a lymphatic massage encourages fluid back into circulation, it makes things easier on your heart, which is certainly good for your long-term heart health.

It helps reduce the risk of blood clots.

When your tissue is all swollen and pressing on your blood vessels, you're more likely to get blood clots caught in those blood vessels. A blood clot can cause pain and damage in the surrounding tissues, but it can also lead to a heart attack or stroke if it breaks free and gets caught in your heart or brain. A lymphatic massage will reduce your risk of blood clots and associated problems.

If you're struggling with lymphedema after surgery, schedule a lymphatic drainage massage. It's one of the best things you can do for yourself at this stage. Contact a massage therapist for more information about lymphatic drainage massage