Correcting A Couple Of Weight Loss Myths

Ensuring that you are maintaining a healthy weight is an important goal for staying healthy and happy. However, it is a reality that there are some ideas that can mislead individuals when they are in the process of losing weight. To help ensure that your weight loss efforts are as productive as possible, you will want to have a couple of commonly held myths refuted. Myth: Everyone Can Achieve Their Weight Loss Goals With Just Diet And Exercise

Confused About Cannabidiol? What You Need To Know About CBD

If you are on-the-fence about the potential benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) products, know that more studies are emerging to document the possible advantages for many. CBD oil is part of the cannabis plant that is extracted to create a substance that is used in a wide range of products with therapeutic properties to treat a host of ailments and that provide varied health benefits.  Some CBD oil products include: Gum.

Allergic To Soy? What Are Your Best Natural Pain Relief Options?

While health food trends can come and go – from kale to chia seeds to kombucha -- the proliferation of soy as an inexpensive source of low-fat protein and vitamins seems to have some staying power. Unfortunately, for those who have soy allergies, finding food, medicine, or even skin care free from soy protein can be a challenge. If you find yourself avoiding most over-the-counter pain relievers because of the havoc they wreak on your gut or immune system due to the use of soy as a binding or absorption agent, you may be anxious for any other ways to relieve your discomfort.

5 Benefits Of Essential Oils

Essential oils are not a new trend -- people around the world have been using them for many generations. But in this day and age, more people are learning about essential oils and how beneficial they can be. If you have heard about essential oils and are interested in trying them, you should go for it! There are many benefits to using essential oils, such as: All-Natural Essential oils are derived from different parts of plants, such as their seeds, roots, or skin.

2 Delicious Recipes That Are Natural Flu-Fighters

Everyone has heard the old saying about how a spoonful of sugar can help the medicine go down, and it's easy to understand the premise – after all, medicine usually has an unpleasant taste, so why not sweeten it up a bit? But why accept that remedies for illness have to taste bad in the first place? There are plenty of natural remedies that taste great, especially if you know how to work them into delicious dishes.